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Send me for us to start chatting and I can give you my calling number.I offer a minimum of an hour session of sex and a maximum of a weekend together, depending on your money."This reporter managed to chat with Angelina and she alleged that she had been in the world's oldest profession for close to five years."I am a professional in everything I do.Angelina later changed her profile status to reflect a "special promotion" where she claimed that the first five men to send to her Eco Cash account would get a free three-hour session.

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Interoperability is still in its nascent stages in Africa and it is believed that when implemented, it is a catalyst for growth in the mobile money sector and in our case here in Zimbabwe, it has been long overdue. “We have quite a number of people being trained by expert engineers from India who will go back when the locals they are training are satisfied.

A couple of years ago, Facebook was forced to remove dozens of pages that appeared to offer sexual services saying it "has a clear set of rules and these pages broke them".

But the company conceded it could take action only when offensive items were reported by members of the public.

One wrote: "What Geraldine did is not right, but taking screenshots is worse."It’s too much from a friend."Geraldine’s life will never be the same again – her friend has ruined her life."Geraldine has denied the allegations but admitted having an affair.

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