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Over ninety five percent of these relationships end during the course or within weeks of the student completing L2FL™ simply as a byproduct of learning the system.

For students involved with single partners but unsure of the long term viability of those relationships, the L2FL™ course clears up any questions so they know exactly how to proceed in those relationships.

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Our program focuses on smart attitudes and actions and that's why the relationships that people find and choose after taking this class tend to be markedly more satisfying than what they've experienced in the past. By the time you complete the course, you know precisely what the relationship of your dreams looks like and how to recognize and attract the person who is the right romantic partner for you.

Click below to let us know you read this article, and wiki How will donate to World Possible on your behalf.What we are interested in, our primary commitment, is that you choose the right mate for you.We generally recommend that students suspend these services until after they have completed our course so their selection system is in place BEFORE they date. In actuality you absolutely do know what the relationship of your dreams looks like. However, that vision is typically clouded over and influenced by layers and layers of negative or even irrelevant input from the past.Patterns, usually set-up in childhood, repeat themselves because they were effective in protecting us from pain and discomfort but as adults these patterns may no longer serve any positive purpose.By physically tapping on meridian end points on the face and upper body, one can cause real permanent changes in behavior, arresting self sabotaging and leading one to alter what they can manifest in their lives.But regardless of how you feel or what you believe, it will.By committing to the L2FL™ system (and assuming you decide you truly want a mate in your life) over time it is virtually impossible for you not to eventually find the mate of your dreams. Online or offline introductory services serve one purpose and that is to provide potential partners for you to assess.Keep in mind that some people find their mates even before the course is complete while others aren't ready to settle down for one reason or another for several years after finishing the class. Also, all of the reported divorces can be traced back to one or more missing components in the application of the L2FL™ system.We know of three divorces in total which estimates the L2FL™ divorce rate at less than one percent compared to the national U. On another note: approximately twenty eight percent of our students engage in relationships with married people. You can follow a drastic calorie restricted diet and lose the weight quickly but you'll probably gain it all back plus a few more pounds.L2FL™ works like the second example although mates can show up very quickly, often reflecting a student's readiness for a mate relationship. More importantly, these relationships last because your reasons for choosing that man or woman are based on a solid foundation of smart decision making coupled with a healthy dose of self-care and self-love.

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