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Avoid tears and rips When opening the condom foil, take care not to damage the condom itself. ) or snagging the condom on jewelry or long fingernails.

Just say yes to lubrication Applying extra lubrication has multiple benefits, including increasing sensitivity and pleasure for both partners and preventing the condom from tearing from friction.

Do not keep condoms in a wallet unless you plan to use them immediately (ie. The best places to store condoms include a nightstand or dresser drawer, medicine cabinet, or a secure container in your purse or messenger bag. Certifiably vegan To qualify as a vegan product condoms must satisfy two requirements: they do not contain animal by-products, and the formula/material is not tested on animals.

Then apply a bit of lube to the outside of the condom for extra glide.

*With latex condoms, only use a water-based or silicone lube. Waiting to withdraw There is no point to waiting once the deed is done.

Don’t be hasty Almost half of respondents report removing condoms before finishing intercourse.

Taking a condom off too soon poses the same problems as putting on a condom too late – it defeats the purpose for contraception and safe sex.

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