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There should be plenty of time for your private rendezvous later.” “I guess you’re right,” I sighed.

Whenever Amber would jump or splash, her tits would lurch, barely restrained by the thin piece of fabric trying their best to restrain them.When Becky got a good view of it, she whispered something to Amber and pointed towards the horse. I glanced over at Amber and saw that her gaze was locked onto that horse. It does look impressive though.” “If there were any mares around in the barn, you might get to see him use it,” I said, wondering what effect that sight would have on her. “Are…” Amber started, uncertain if she should continue.Her breathing was more rapid and I could see her breasts rise and fall under her shirt. Becky motioned her forward and Amber whispered the rest of the question in her ear. My cock is slightly above average, at least based on what I’ve seen in the gym locker room, but I’m not match for a horse of course.“Anyway, I don’t disapprove of your conquests – I said I was trying to help.” “How?” “I doubt Amber would have agreed to go with you alone, and if she did, it’s likely she’d bolt if you tried anything serious.Usually there were other visiting kids to play with as well.This year, my cousin Amber was visiting from New York City.It was quite hard at this point and the handling caused a small drop of liquid to appear at the tip.When I removed my hands, my cock was standing proudly at attention as I sat cross-legged on the floor.Maybe she realized her suit wasn’t all that safe for bounding about in the water. At this comment, Amber turned about as pink as her bikini.I saw that as an opportunity and sat down next to her. I hadn’t counted on that strong of a reaction and hoped I hadn’t pushed things too far. ” “That’s when a lot of them come back in from the pasture,” I said.

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