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Tracey sat on the crowded train, heading for work in the dark of a winter's morning.As usual she had been up at some ungodly hour, ten minutes later than she should have been, and had to quickly shower and put on her grey suit ready for another long day in the office.Her sister's door was open just a crack, but this was enough for Tracey to see her older sister laying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide and one hand working away furiously on her pussy, while the other played with her already oversized breasts.Tracey knew this was wrong, but she was captivated.

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She certainly enjoyed good sex just as much as the next woman, but she had always felt wrong about satisfying her own urges when no one else was able to satisfy them for her.

The anticipation had made her even hornier and when she put her hand to her breast she could feel her nipples were hard as bullets.

Rubbing against them through her silk blouse sent an electric jolt through her body.

She used her other hand to rub hard on her clit, relieving all those months of frustration in one hot wet moment.

Tracey was fingering herself so hard she was almost being aggressive.

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