Woman on bike by chatgr

They are healers and rangers and no wild creature will attack a Wood Aspect unprevoked. I actually have a friend who looks similar to what i want, but he's 29. I was making her look somewhat elf-like in appearance her true form is why she has pointed ears. I really love the hair color and hair length of the succubus on the left side of the picture.

Here are some details and requirements for the pics. Also dont want to use a photo of a real person), who is slightly over weight, preferably with some scruff, or at least looks like he's a bit of a tough teenage troublemaker. From Ironshod ( haven't been in one of these threads in a looong time, so I don't know whether it's been done or not, but I have a request. Take it and run with it if it matches enough of what you need or as others have said find a Artist who does commissions that can match your needs.

His dress could be from anytime within the last 50 years, but sooner would be better. Queen13 me check. a muscular, handsome, male troll, or at least something that can pass up as a troll (more specifically a war troll with half of his blood coming from a beautiful devil parent, which makes him beautiful by proxy). And when in doubt, a few pictures that aren't quite right, but are in the right ballpark helps to get things moving. So I guess I'd better post a few things; hopefully not too many will have already been done: laurora-d54o310 Tk1rz6calo1_500Girls APUz1rz6calo1_500 VSR1rz6calo1_500 Xdq1rz6calo1_500Men YOns1rz6calo1_500 Oj1rz6calo1_500 BVZ41rz6calo1_500Also my character art tumblr; updates twice a day and I try to keep it consistent and an even mix between male and female artwork X7I1rtd4n3o1_1280 DKz M1rtd4n3o1_1280 aren't photoshopped, they are actual woodblock prints.

:smalltongue: I'm making her an Abjurationist Wizard, and from the picture you just posted that works, Seena looks more like a Swashbuckler than anything else. Guys: have a request for a powerful human male spellcaster. beyond that there's nothing visual about what we have described, meaning anything could count. Night: The light that hides in darkness to strike out against wickedness and reclaim what was unjustly taken. Just thought I would say thanks for you guys taking time to share the absolutely beautiful art you find and sharing it with everyone! I do have a request of my own, and as I start getting pictures to share I will do my best to pay the tax myself. As a related request I'm looking for clockwork police officers. It makes it a lot easier for people to determine whether the spoiler has something they're interested in or a shameless plug for a tumblr : ... I suppose now I'm here, I ought to post some stuff. Another perfect example of great art wasted on a junk card. Another perfect example of great art wasted on a junk card. My interest here is in elves who hail from the modern day, recent past, or near future instead of the ancient times, medieval period, or renaissance. Any pictures that fit this theme but are of dwarves, orcs, or other fantasy races instead of elves would also be appreciated. sorry to break the wonderful flow of puns, but I'm having picture trouble again, can't really find anything that meets my needs.

The thing that is MOST important is that this guy needs to be COVERED in scars. That's the sign of his fiendish heritage instead of horns and a tail.

As payment, here are some beautiful women in functional armor! He just doesn't have the number of scars I'm talking here, which is closer to this one from Serpentine: idea is that this guy would be handsome, if his skin didn't look like it'd gone through a wind tunnel full of razor-blades and broken glass.

Avoid cheesecake, she should look like she's wearing armor tough enough to take a bullet. I couldn't find any with helmets on, and it's actually difficult to find full full plate on females. I couldn't find any with helmets on, and it's actually difficult to find full full plate on females. Her hair is a bit long, but it's almost exactly what I had in my mind. D pic dump/JF_III___Gwen_Passado_by_Tremble in fear, for no other cheesecake will be able to match what I am about to present to all of you... In that last picture, those aren't just scribbles passing themselves off as runes, there's an actual Atlantean langauge and script and the letters down her front mean 'Lost'. :smalltongue: I found the rest on the guy's deviantart after that. I mean what XD Cheesecake 1 2 third serving Rz A_76 o-d4 you bored of cheesecake yet?

I thought it was cool that the makers of the movie made an entire language just for a movie. :smalltongue: Thinking over it, I like the idea of her as a Wizard, or a Sorcerer could also be fun (Wizard because then the cheerful, slightly energetic girl is also likely the smartest in the group). nyart-d4zk17Good, neither am I :smalltongue: one I promise Cheesecake Cheesecake 2 dall-d50pd8 1 2 piece of Beef dish Servings also, a request: I'm lookign for female robots that could pass for human at a quick glance, if anyoen has any :smallbiggrin: Bo M, you posted that gigantic minotaur picture twice in a row.

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