Windows explorer not updating who is carol alt dating now

Tip: there is a button that takes you to the registry in I deleted all my onedrive keys, installed latest preview etc and finally realized that the icons were working all along for some explorer directory views and not others.

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Thanks you for your response--but F5 does nothing that I can see.

The names were automatically prefixed with "1", "2", etc.

to force them (in my computer) alphabetically at the top of the list just before the One Drive icons. To get to the Tortoise settings, right click on Desktop or a folder and then choose Tortoise SVN and uncheck all checkboxes, apply, then reactivate them and apply.

the icon overlays for the upgraded project appeared.

In conclusion, old projects using Subversion 1.7.x do not show icons and projects using Subversion 1.9.x do (under Windows 10).

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