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Noctis Lucis Caelum is the playable character and main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV.He is the Crown Prince and heir to the throne of Lucis, the kingdom to have control over the Crystal. He was first announced for the cancelled game Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which eventually transformed into the Final Fantasy XV Universe. Underneath, he wears a steel gray shirt with skull prints.After suffering a grievous injury in his youth, Noctis is sometimes depicted in a wheelchair, and as an adult, he still has a slight limp by having a slightly off walk cycle.Ten years later Noctis's facial features have weathered and he has a beard.In the Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition Guidebook, Tabata describes Noctis as having experienced isolation in his youth, and fearing losing those close to him.Noctis's words and actions often stem from a fear of being unable to meet the expectations of those around him, but as a counterbalance he desires to please them.

According to Director Hajime Tabata, one of Noctis's defining aspects is his "sense of ennui".When he acknowledges the situation is bad, his first instinct is to focus on himself rather than the people he's supposed to lead, or even his closest friends.He enthuses about the things he enjoys, and has a bit of an inflated ego, as noted by Gladiolus.Noctis dislikes vegetables, much to Ignis's displeasure, who tries to encourage a healthy diet.Noctis and Prompto share a distaste for bugs and a love for animals, especially pets and chocobos.He can be reckless, having to be held back by others, though this does not always stop him.He's playful, especially towards Prompto, his best friend, and is frequently snarky and sarcastic.He can warp short distances, and phase through solid matter.These powers of teleportation can be used for combat.He regularly dozes off; this is present from his early childhood.Noctis has grown up seeing his father as both a father figure and as the king of the country, so during the game he tries to grow as a person and develop with that image in mind with his father as a role model.

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