Who was britney spears dating when she shaved her head dating the exodus from egypt

as part of a diabolical scheme to become her life coach.Leah also claims Sam was never employed by Britney in any capacity -- "I don't know what the hell he was doing [in her life] honestly ... being Britney's bitch basically and not getting paid for it."We reached out to Lutfi for comment -- so far, no response. it's because she was the passenger in Britney's car when she ran over our photog's foot back in 2007. Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer, dancer, and actress. Her erratic behavior and hospitalizations continued through the following year, at which point she was placed under a still ongoing conservatorship.In 2017, she announced that her residency would travel internationally as an Asian tour to select cities.In 2018, she announced additional dates in North America and Europe for the Piece of Me Tour.Britney Spears appears to be living life to the fullest, eleven years after her famous head-shaving incident, which marked part of her public meltdown.

In 2016, Spears released her ninth studio album, Glory.

“In that situation, when you are not the person in control, you are less enthusiastic, there is less passion to do all that’s needed in music.”Here’s more about Britney being a mother.

Britney Spears' former nanny is calling BS on Sam Lutfi ...

telling TMZ he's straight up LYING about Britney using meth ...

and says Sam may have even planted the drugs as a manipulation tactic.

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