Who is john mellencamp dating now

In these cases it isn't the feelings people have for each other that threaten the relationship, it is the life/work balance.The problem that can follow these daunting circumstances is that they each expect the other person to make a sacrifice for them.

Some people are always looking for more, but many can make this work even if they want more by simply shifting their expectations and having a little less.

In my book there is an entire chapter called "If You Loved Me You Would." People operate under the assumption that if their partner truly cared about them they would and should do anything to be with them and make them happy. Sometimes it isn't necessarily about love at all, but about your own self-esteem and what you have to do to feel good about yourself and not be consumed with guilt.

If that means living near your kids, or taking care of an ailing parent, or supporting the business you began with a friend a decade ago, or, in the case of John and Meg, continuing with their entertainment careers, then no matter how much you love and want to be with someone it just might not be possible on a regular basis. Do they end the relationship because it can't become more than it is in the way they would like it to be?

Or can it be an option that they maintain the relationship complications, distance and all?

In the case of the latter the choice would be made so each person can maintain their lives and responsibilities without giving up the love they share.

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