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He has been involved in several shows including VMA's, EMA's and BBC's radio show.

Besides music, he is also interested in real estate, fashion, and restaurants.

During his time at Briarcliff, Ryan is forced into treatment and meets a boy named Brendon who is there for a different reason but has the same tendencies.(OR: Patrick's an ice skating instructor, Pete's in love, and it takes all of Pete's friends to get him to work up the courage to talk to him.But it all works out in the end) Brendon is most definitely not a delinquent.Gabe Saporta, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, is an American entrepreneur and a musician.He moved to New York with his family at the age of four.He most definitely does not belong in a delinquent school, and shouldn't be spending his junior year chasing after a delinquent who most definitely doesn't give a shit about him. He's got a job he loves, a nice apartment, and his boyfriend, Pete Wentz, is absolutely amazing. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in Patrick's world.He's also a superhero known as Soundwave, and Patrick constantly has to lie to Pete in order to keep him safe and Soudwave's identity a secret.And whether those pesky student loans were worth it.(Or: the one where Frank is an idiot, Gerard is an asshole, and Mikey and Pete need to just work it out already.1/3.) Gabe's property is illegally seized, and there is very little they can do to get the boys back before the holiday weekend.Gabe has a degree in philosophy and political science as well. "I'm starting to forget what summer ever meant to you, Mikes."Mikey Way fell in love over the summer, it was only supposed to be a fling or something but Mikey never got rid of the feeling of kissing under fireworks like some stupid rom-com.

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