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And it was just a little touch of fennel seed, mind you, not too overpowering because too much would create too strong of an anise flavor; this was just a hint, and with the other aromatic bits, created a delicious flavor and texture to the bread that we found utterly divine, especially when we dipped it in the rich, silky olive oil that accompanied it.

And ever since tasting that glorious bread, I’ve longed to re-create the flavors of that crisp, aromatic topping.

I love that this Wolf Gourmet countertop oven now replaces our little old toaster oven, and gives me so much more freedom to prepare all the recipes I’d like to prepare at the touch of a button or two, and without the use of my large oven.

Light and tender, these tasty homemade rolls have a complex flavor with a hint of fennel, minced onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and salt to create that “everything” flavor; so delicious, warm out of the oven with butter, or dipped olive oil.

Unique interviewed that you were her puppet and that she was going to use you for her gain. Well today they’re back and sitting in the finance guys office again.

Gretchen is wearing some True Religion capris, a wife beater, and some killer cute heels.” Slade seems like a definite upgrade from the Jay Photoglou sleazeball.

It even has a “Probe” attachment feature which allows for the digital thermometer (included with the oven) to be attached to the inside of the oven and then inserted directly into roasts, chicken, turkey, etc., providing an accurate read of the internal temp of the meat while it roasts—no guessing!

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I’ve been pining for a countertop oven for a while now, one that could take on some serious food preparation, take on the overflow and bake or roast things off like a boss when my regular oven is already filled to the brim during times like the holidays; or one that could simply be my go-to when I’m looking to bake something like a casserole or pasta dish, or a sweet, homemade dessert like cookies, pie, brownies or even these “everything” homemade rolls, quickly and conveniently, and not have to go through the hassle of heating up my large oven for these slightly smaller tasks.

I thought I could at least get to the point where he gave me the benefit of the doubt. Any thoughts on being portrayed as a gold-digger on and then ending up with a guy who makes considerable bank on this show? So the question of the moment remains – Is Danger really crazy? There is a war against free thinkers.” The 22 year old Danger is now engaged to Nick Cannon’s younger brother and continues to work towards becoming a model/actress.

The whole gold-digger thing was honestly something I said to better my chances of getting on a show that I thought had a different purpose. Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on March 27, 2009 Tags: Chardonnay, Christa Nolley, Cocktail, Danger, Danielle Pastorino, For The Love of Ray J News, Joanna Hernandez, Monica Leon, Ray J, Unique, vh1 Check out the sneak preview of the upcoming episode of For The Love of Ray J. I more went in for Ray, but I knew being on TV, everyone was going to see me. What about the plot to expose Cocktail’s reality TV past? I felt like she was running around the house snitching on everyone else, and then when the tables turned, she was so defensive about it. I feel like he was playing favoritism a little bit. After watching the show and seeing that he really did like me, I wish I would have stayed.

All views and opinions expressed are solely my own.

Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on April 30, 2009 Tags: Cashmere, Chardonnay, Chicago Larry, Christa Nolley, Cocktail, Danger, Danielle Pastorino, Elizabeth Mendez, Fiesty, Joanna Hernandez, Leah Minor, Monica Leon, Ray J, Sharee Caldwell, Unique Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on April 23, 2009 Tags: Cocktail, Danger, Danielle Pastorino, For the love of Ray J finale, Joanna Hernandez, Monica Leon, Ray J, Ray J and Cocktail, Ray J and Cocktail Update, Unique, vh1 Lasting longer that most reality relationships, seems like Cocktail and Ray J are still going strong as a couple. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out as VH1 has greenlighted a 2nd season of For The Love of Ray J. Cocktail talks about her feelings towards Ray J and being in love with him in her VH1 interview below – What has your communication with Ray been like since the show wrapped? He’s my boyfriend, and the fact that I’m not seeing my boyfriend as much as I’d like to is different from what I’m used to. When I tell my girlfriends that they’re like, “Are you kidding me? The rumor is also that one of the three remaining contestants will quit, hmm wondering who that could be? I’m not an alcoholic, though, and I don’t want to be seen as the alcoholic. You never saw my head in the toilet and I didn’t get eliminated for being a party girl. She continues, “There is no way the baby can be anyone’s but Ray J’s.” Both Ray J and VH1 denied the pregnancy story. Admits to Being A Prostitute – In perhaps the most shocking revelation of all, Danger admitted to having once been a prostitute in an interview she game 2 months ago.

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