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I think she’d be glad I’m with a man who lets me write, but I know she’d be disappointed he wasn’t Native. There was thousands of brilliant Native men out there, and I probably would have found one had I held out a little longer, but I don’t think I’d be better for it. The thing people live for, after years of watching you be tortured by it.I imagine her quiet disapproving nature as she watches my children play, and how she’d secretly be scared for their futures. I found someone who respects me as Indigenous, and who might be a corny white guy sometimes, but for the most part, he’s willing to learn how to help me pass on my lineage.My life is further complicated by my decision to be in love, and I don’t regret it one bit. I feel pangs when I think of what my mother would say.I think she’d be happy I found love with a gentle man. Practice downing pints in preparation for meeting our Dads. Indians also have a tendency to enjoy a whisky – or ten. ), but it’s being saved in the present cupboard to give to someone else in two years time. Get comfortable, ‘cause minimum running time is three hours.

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He was hapless, a thinker, goofy, with a big head like mine and a ton of weird interests, but he was white. It was profound, and everything I could hope for in a man, but the problem was he wasn’t Native. I finally understand my sister’s struggle when she’d take her mixed children shopping, and people mistook her for the kid’s maid. But my sons aren’t any less loveable for being mixed, and while one is darker than the other, both of them will have a right to sing the songs of my nation and stand with me in honor.

If you are talking about in India, I don't really think Indians or Indian women particular or any less likely to outmarry than many other Asian ethnicities.

If you are talking about the West, I have noticed a difference when it comes to exogamy between Indians and other Asian ethnicities and I believe statistics would back up my observations.

We’re not quite at that level, but practice screwing those lightbulbs before we teach you the ‘clap in a circle’ dance. By the way, if watching all this Bollywood is making you want to come to an Indian wedding, pack for week.

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