When he gets scared dating

In all probability he doesn’t want to rush anything or he just doesn't dare to say “love” out loud because if he does, it will make things real for him.Real enough for you to want a commitment, something that he fears or can't understand.Unresolved pain in his past can prevent him from committing.Committing involves risk; you are essentially taking a plunge, and investing energy in the relationship.Most of the reasons a guy won't commit have to do with the guy.But he may see you as a fun person to date, but never thought of you as someone he'd commit to in the end.So, you've been seeing/dating/sleeping with/messaging a guy and he doesn't want to label things.

But if everything fails and he still can't say love in words or in action, then letting him go may be good for both of you. Because it’s just what they do – sharing their lives with each other.

If you continue to bring it up, he may become bitter and annoyed at the whole thought of it.

You'd rather him come to the decision to commit naturally on his own, and not because he was pressured to do so anyway. Go find yourself a better guy who appreciates you so much he won't hesitate to make you his GF.

If you are able to get the first guy of his group of friends to commit, I commend you.

Most of us guys want to commit eventually, but we don't want to be the first one, and there is respect among guys for the last single guy in the group.

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