What is your intention dating

Now if you could care less, can't see yourself ever living with anyone, never want to marry, hate kids and don't want any, then dating for YOU is a sport, and little else.

If, however, you want a walk down the aisle, the house, the kids, and a really great guy who is loyal and devoted, OK! I liken dating to hostessing a big Thanksgiving Dinner - would you go shopping without a carefully planned list?

Women often fall in love with guys, to whom they aren’t that physically attracted. But at the beginning, there was something about his looks that I “couldn’t live with”. I always wanted a man who was much taller than I, (I am 181 cm or 5.93 ft tall) but unfortunately, Julian is a little bit shorter than I am.

There was just something about him – he was incredibly attractive from the inside. This “I don’t give a shit if you like me” attitude. Now it’s time to offer her something more than just friendship.

Find out NOW, in your first couple of hours together. Well, ladies, you are officially liberated, for good or ill, and you have to do this for yourselves now. Let's say you've been dating someone for months, and you just "don't know where it's going". Don't put pressure on yourself or the guy to act certain ways, be in touch all the time, answer to you about his plans - it's inappropriate!

And if that's true, and dating is simply a form of entertainment (which by the way is often the case for MEN these days), then you don't have to ask the tough questions. And don't bother to ask him "what are your intentions" or "where is this going" as you've already opted to have your relationship go nowhere.

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(watching a movie, going out, dancing,…) Just minus the sex. She would break your heart because if she wanted you really then she would be with you. Here is what you should do: I hope knowing about these situations will help you avoid the bad ones and deliberately pick situations that benefit you.

If you don’t take action, she will continue seeing you just as a friend. Like I wrote before: either you make your intentions clear, for example with the steps from in situation C, or you don’t.

You have to either tell her how you feel about her or show it to her. Over time, you have developed feelings for her but you don’t know if she feels the same. Can you take listening to her stories about other guys she is sleeping with? Being indecisive in this situation is the worst thing you can do.

Many times, people explore dating sites in order to meet someone, but they do so for many different reasons.

And sometimes, their reasons aren’t the same reasons as yours.

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