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Before children begin working in jobs that are age appropriate for them, it is important to review the local rules and restrictions.Permissible jobs for 12 year olds in Colorado include babysitting, nonhazardous farm work, door-to-door sales, and newspaper delivery positons.De nombreux autres ajouts plus discrets rendent l'utilisation de cette application plus instinctive, comme par exemple la possibilité de voir les modifications du profil de vos contacts, directement sur la page d'accueil.Cette nouvelle version est compatible Windows 8 et comporte désormais un module pour les vidéoconférences.

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Note : Réfractaire à Skype, continuez à utiliser votre compte Windows Live Messenger avec Messenger Reviver.

Workers under age 18 will be provided with an age certificate by request, but it's not required under Colorado state law.

When federal and state laws disagree, the more stringent law applies.

However, Colorado child labor laws also include various sections that authorize minors younger than the legal working age to pursue certain types of jobs.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, which creates and enforces the laws affecting working minors in the state, maintains lists of permissible jobs for kids at different ages ranging up to 16.

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