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requested a follow-up to Prince's debut album For You, which had underperformed commercially and neither of its singles crossed over to the pop charts.

In response, Prince recorded "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Musically, it is a funk song sung exclusively in falsetto, detailing Prince's love for a woman and how he would treat her better than the men she is with, and frustration that she thinks of him as "a child".

When something or someone seems too good to be true, it possibly is.

Well, today I am going to provide you with one cold, hard fact that will make you feel ancient: 18 years ago, on July 8, 1996, the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" was released.

The setting looks cool and she looks absolutely hot and sexy in the music video.

Let me first start out by saying there's a solid distinction between a “real man” and a “wannabe gentleman.”The wannabe gentleman's motives become clear through even the littlest, supposed “sweet” things he does… A wannabe gentleman will always incorporate that extra "fluff" you want to hear because he's a master at the game.

The other version, which has not aired and was not featured on The Hits Collection compilation shows Prince and his band members performing the song in a painted room.

The video was pulled due to skimpy clothing and a sexually suggestive theme (Prince was clad in blue stockings and a tan shirt, and frequently throughout the performance kisses his female keyboardist).

Going for a rap for the song’s verses is a smart choice as the genre of the song favors it. However, as you repeat the song, the chorus just seems to get better and better!

This phony dude attempting to disguise himself as a true gentleman or “real man” is really nothing of the sort, and he never will be.

He knows his motives upfront, and he takes on the half-assed persona of a gentleman.

I'm going to let that one sink in for a moment before continuing...

These girls were our idols, as most every female knows exactly which Spice Girl she was growing up. ) Each character spoke volumes about what kind of person a girl was and we owned that role until we actually could fill our training bras out on our own.

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