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The dolls have a removable apparatus that enables clients to have sex with them. Mc Mullen prefers you refer to his dolls as "love dolls." Sex is too simple, he says.

" A lot of our clients tend to have feelings that are beyond sexual desires. I think love is a little more in line with what it is." Mc Mullen, like Lilly, insists that human connection isn't required for happiness.

It was hours outside of Paris, in a small village where the buildings are centuries old, that I attended my first French engagement party.

A young woman named Lilly greeted me when I arrived.

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Just how the anonymity of the web enables harassment, the virtual world lends itself to new types of problems.

While Lilly's story may seem like an outlier right now, Dr. This is on stark display at a manufacturing facility near San Diego.

Ronald Arkin says the concept isn't as far off as some would think. There, Matt Mc Mullen is designing human-like dolls with robotic capabilities designed to make customers feel something toward them.

The goal, Mc Mullen says, is to create more "intimate" artificial intelligence.

"Siri doesn't care when your birthday is or what your favorite food is or where you were born or where you grew up," Mc Mullen explains.

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