Violent behavior in college student dating relationships

Women reported more victimization than men, but male victimization was considerable (27.2%).More men perpetrated sexual violence; more women perpetrated physical violence.In addition, they focus on partner violence, not a broader range of relationships.Constructs from existing scales were used to shape our questions, Physical violence was defined as pushing, grabbing, slapping, choking, or hitting.Both universities offer undergraduate and professional degrees.Institutional review board approval was granted by each participating site and by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. M.) contacted professors for the selected classes by e-mail and asked permission to administer a survey on relationship violence at the end of their class.Three colleges were chosen to provide a demographically diverse sample of students.These included a nonresidential community college offering associate degrees in many fields, a large Ivy League university, and a private mid-sized Catholic university.

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We examined physical, sexual, and emotional victimization and perpetration occurring before and during college and in a range of relationships, including (but not limited to) partner violence.

All victimization and perpetration rates were highest before college.

Emotional violence was most common before college (21.1%); during college, sexual and emotional violence were equally common (12.0% and 11.8%, respectively).

Women reported more victimization than men, but male victimization was common.

Men perpetrated more sexual violence; women perpetrated more physical violence.

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