Vb6 screen updating

In my case, I setup everything in C:\Visual Studio 6\.We’re going to use a handy tool put together by Giorgio Brausi to complete our installation.I will update the program as I find bugs or add items that I think will be useful.Suggestions for improvements will be considered (e-mail me). I designed it for my personal use and thought others may get some use from the program. I do not guarantee the functionality of this program and that it will be supported.As I’ve worked my way through the various oddities of Windows 10, I’ve found that most applications work great.

When the install failed, you were then left with bits and pieces of VB laying around, and no uninstaller.

Visual Basic 6 (VB6) has been one of the few exceptions, so far. The apps work great, so it just hasn’t made sense to spend the time and/or money it would take to upgrade them to VB. Yet, we still need to be able to make minor changes to the programs now and then.

We could keep an old XP machine around just for VB6, or set up a virtual instance of XP, or go for either of those options with Windows 7 (VB6 installed on Win7, though not perfectly).

Luckily, Microsoft wrote up an article about removing Visual Studio manually (How To Manually Uninstall Visual Studio with MSDN Library).

I do not believe searching your hard drive for some of the files, as they mention, is necessary.

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