Validating test items with spss

Be aware that these models all suppose that the scale is unidimensional; i.e., there's only one latent trait.

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Acquiring this information typically takes multiple studies.At the end of these eight steps, we show you how to interpret the results from your Cronbach's alpha.From our example, we can see that Cronbach's alpha is 0.805, which indicates a high level of internal consistency for our scale with this specific sample.Each question was a 5-point Likert item from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree".In order to understand whether the questions in this questionnaire all reliably measure the same latent variable (feeling of safety) (so a Likert scale could be constructed), a Cronbach's alpha was run on a sample size of 15 workers.I am in the process of validating the questionnaire I have applied a Cronbach's alpha test to the initial sample group.The responses to the questionnaire are on a Likert scale; can anyone suggest any further tests to apply to help test its validity.It will also allow you to see how items relate to the scale (i.e., through their loadings).Basic steps for validating your items and your scale should include: If your scale is not unidimensional, these steps have to be done for each subscale, and you could also factor out the correlation matrix of your factors to assess the second-order factor structure (or use structural equation modeling, or confirmatory factor analysis, or whatever you want).Therefore, we would not want to remove these questions.Removal of question 8 would lead to a small improvement in Cronbach's alpha, and we can also see that the "Corrected Item-Total Correlation" value was low (0.128) for this item.

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