Valentines gift after dating two months

Dr Kathryn Smerling, a family therapist and relationship expert, suggests that if you're in the uncertain stage of the relationship you should consider getting something small, yet thoughtful.She says: 'If you’re still getting to know someone you don’t want to scare them off, but you don’t want to avoid getting anything altogether because they might see that as a sign of disinterest.'A lovely piece of jewelry or a nice watch is a great way to mark the time.'Dr Smerling agrees that you should go all-out and spoil one another when you're in a committed long-term relationship, suggesting a well-earned vacation as a gift.'Surprise them with a passport holder or travel clutch, and then put the plane tickets inside,' she says.'Its okay to splurge [on] that Micheal Kors bag she's had her eye on, providing it doesn't place you in a position of financial hardship,' he says.For women, Dr Smerling suggests that these more indulgent gifts could take the form of something like a modest piece of jewelry, a French press coffee machine, or rose gold headphones.'For the guys, Chemex coffee makers and cigar humidors are always in vogue,' she adds.Valentine's Day can be a fun opportunity to treat a platonic friend to a lighthearted gift or to show a family member that you're thinking about them.But if you're buying a non-romantic Valentine's gift, the rules are obviously a little different.

Or, if he likes photography and film, a Go Pro or Fuji Instax are always popular choices.' 'Again, here is where you can splurge a little and spring for something she or he has coveted,' says Dr Hokemeyer.

'She adds: 'Playful/humorous knick-knacks work here too.' Psychotherapist Dr Paul Hokemeyer agrees.

'This needs to be light and breezy and that shows them you have a sense of humor.' 'This is where you take it up a notch,' says Dr Smerling.

If your partner is a fan of whiskey, rum or gin, Flaviar delivers a tasting box of three fine spirits per month for a minimum of two months.

This gift gives you the perfect excuse to experiment with various libations, as well.

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