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Biochemical and Physiological Research on the Disposition and Fate of Ethanol in the Body A. Other Agents Used in Treatment of Alcoholism 2.11 Tolerance Chapter 3. Description Alcohol-related litigation typically pertains to arrests of drinking drivers, but also includes industrial accidents, public transport accidents, and violent crimes. The medicolegal aspects of alcohol are complex topics because so many different components are present in alcohol-related criminal and civil cases.

Pharmacology and Toxicology of Ethyl Alcohol James C. Additional Steps 7.3 Breath Alcohol Testing Instrumentation A. Calibrating Units 7.4 Requirements for Evidential Breath Testing A. Federal Specifications 7.5 Challenges to the Validity of Breath Alcohol Results A. Water Content of Biofluids 3.5 Alcohol in the Body A. Physiological Range of Ethanol Elimination Rates 3.7 Characteristics of Blood-Alcohol Curves A. Toxic Metals 1.10 Congeners from Spices and Herbs 1.11 Semivolatile Congeners Chapter 2. Chronic CNS Effects 2.8 Impairment of Specific Functions Related to Driving Ability A. Disulfiram (Antabuse) and Other Acetaldehyde Antagonists B. Marijuana 2.10 Antagonists to Alcohol and Pharmacotherapeutic Agents for Alcoholism A. 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Fate of Drugs in the Body 3.3 Forensic Science Aspects of Alcohol 3.4 Ethyl Alcohol A. Forensic toxicologists and pathologists are often called on to interpret the alcohol concentrations found in the specimens. The Effects of Aging (Maturation) 1.2 Fermentation A. Bacterial Contamination 1.3 Nutritional Value of Alcoholic Beverages A. Often, the results are deemed meaningless because samples are mishandled, equipment is incorrectly calibrated, or the results are incorrectly reported. 1.1 Description and History of Common Alcoholic Beverages A.

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