Updating the nuvi 260w

As far as I know that was never the case and you can still buy a lifetime maps for the 760 as of a few minutes ago: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do? I have had my 255W for a bit over two years and I just purchased the first map update a couple of months ago.If the 255W is still working two years from now, I might purchase another map update then.However, 2012.10 was a major update for Junction View, with intersections here on Long Island being added and the transition to the Photo Real™ images. I would say I would have been one of the first to buy the lifetime update for my 880 and have so far been pleased with that purchase.I really like my garmin but I have wanted to upgrade but one of my features that I want is a removeable battery which as I can see most of the garmins don't come with.My 260 is now a backup unit that hasn't been updated since day 1. If she starts using it more often I'll see about getting at least one update for it.

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