Updating the deployment share

4) Options – the options seen here start customizing which wizards we will and will not see during the MDT Lite Touch Wizard.

updating the deployment share-68updating the deployment share-80

Instead of advertising the deployment through System Center, someone has to initiate the deployment.

Whether that’s through PXE boot, by booting from USB or other external media, booting from DVD/ISO, or connecting to a deployment share; it is entirely up to you.

Key Point #3: MDT can be integrated with System Center Configuration Manager should you implement Config Mgr in the future.

On the Confirmation screen, we have an option to View Script.

The View Script option opens notepad with the Power Shell script used to create the deployment share using the options we specified. If you right-click on your deployment share, you’ll notice the following options: We need to update our Deployment Share, but let’s not do so just yet.

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