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If the database gets corrupted (which is possible if the RPM client is killed), the index databases can be recreated with the extension refer to packages which do not depend on a certain computer's architecture.

These include graphics and text for another program to use, and programs written in interpreted programming languages such as Python programs and shell scripts.

As of June 2010, there are two versions of RPM in development: one led by the Fedora Project and Red Hat, and the other by a separate group led by a previous maintainer of RPM, a former employee of Red Hat.

updating rpm-52updating rpm-2

The corresponding source code can also be distributed.

SRPMs customarily carry the file extension “rpm” (on file systems limited to 3 extension characters, e.g. For a system administrator performing software installation and maintenance, the use of package management rather than manual building has advantages such as simplicity, consistency and the ability for these processes to be automated and non-interactive.

Features of RPM include: in such cases a single installation command needs to specify all the relevant packages.

RPM packages are created from RPM spec files using the rpmbuild tool.

Spec files are usually distributed within SRPM files, which contain the spec file packaged along with the source code.

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