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Storage Media Device Update You can download an update from Sony’s website using a PC and save it to a disc or USB memory stick and then download it to your PS3.To check and or to perform a PS3 Software Update, click on this link.To check what version of software is currently running on your Play Station 3, from the Home page go to [System Settings] - [System Information]. Keep a note of that number and go to the link at the bottom of this page to find out the latest System Software version currently available.There are 2 ways in which you can update your software, via the internet or via a Storage Media devise as explained below. Update Using an Internet Connection If your PS3 is connected to the internet, check that updates are automatically set to download: 2.Il processo di aggiornamento è identico a quello della PSP. Il software può essere aggiornato direttamente dalla Play Station 3, oppure scaricato dal sito ufficiale su un PC e poi caricato su una penna USB e trasferito sulla PS3, oppure installato tramite l'aggiornamento contenuto in un gioco.Il software, definito anche come firmware, dalla versione 2.* contiene anche applicazioni di alto livello oltre alla normale base firmware.When you get the internet browser even if it’s an error message you see, press the triangle button. From here select [Delete Cookies] and press Yes to confirm.

I didn't camp out overnight in the parking lot of the local electronics store so I could be the first kid on my block to own one.It's a free download from the Play Station Store, and while details are scarce for now, it should support HD video, suggest search results as you type them, access video subscriptions from your account, and let you use a connected smartphone as a remote control.You should be able to find it later today in North America, with other countries to follow.Software updates can include, improvements, new settings or revisions, as well as security patches.It’s recommended that you download the latest version of the PS3 operating software system.The Play Station 3 has another firmware update, taking the console to version 4.10.With it, probably one of the best upgrades we’ve seen for a good while – a decent web browser.We're grateful, to be sure, but Sony's mystery PS3 video service can't come soon enough.Update: Google posted a blog post on the new You Tube PS3 app this morning, but there isn't much in the way of new details — the company focuses on the suggested search results, subscribed channels, and using a phone as a remote.There's a little more detail on that smartphone integration: after "a quick pairing process," users can control You Tube from their phone or search for a videon on the phone directly and then have it play back over the PS3.There's no word on what specific phones are supported, however.

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