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A word of warning, though: be sure to check out Sierra's system requirements before you hit the download button, as they are notably more taxing than what has gone before.

Back in 2009 it followed up OS X 10.5 Leopard, which introduced hundreds of new features and improvements, with Snow Leopard – a performance-focused update.Even in my strong regional accent, it picked up what I was saying almost every time.Siri only struggled with words that sound the same but are spelled differently.Of course, that support won’t be present until Thunderbolt 3-powered external graphics cards are more widely supported by mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, so if you want to stick with regular Sierra in the meantime, we wouldn’t necessarily blame you for doing OS 10.12 Sierra may be yesterday’s news, but as its already received its final installment of substantial updates, you can rest easy knowing confidently that it’s going to be a stable experience from here on out.And although Apple itself has declared mac OS Sierra threatened by the recent swarm of Spectre vulnerabilities, we would argue it’s still one of your safest bets.So you can be sure that your Mac is secure simply by updating to version 47 of Safari Technology Preview.At the time of writing, however, you shouldn’t be using mac OS Sierra anyway.Sierra places a firm focus on usability while allowing you to be more productive on the desktop - especially so if you use your Mac in conjunction with Apple's mobile devices.Whether you're clasping a shiny new i Phone X or Apple Watch 3 in your hand, Apple wants to make you feel like your investments are more than the sum of their parts.mac OS Sierra enters the fray as a solid, dependable operating system just like the final two versions of OS X.It offers clear benefits when used in conjunction with i Phones and Apple Watches, while the addition of Siri and i Cloud Drive are a boon for working with files and retrieving information on the desktop.

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