Updating msn messenger for mac

Microsoft is planning to force existing Windows Live Messengers users to upgrade to Skype from April 8th.In an effort to phase out its Messenger service, Windows Live Messenger clients will be restricted from signing into the service gradually starting in early April.This is great for Messenger for Mac since it enables us to adopt one single AV stack to be used in both services, Personal and Corporate.OK, that’s the short recap of what we shared with you previously (I recommend reading the blog post for the long version), now on to a status of where we are.The serious answer is that we are working very hard to complete the AV work for the Corporate service for the next version, as well as helping out the Office for Mac team to deliver Office 2008.For those of you who are patiently waiting, I just want to say thank you for your patience and bear with us a little longer as the work is in progress and hopefully it will be worth the wait.

* Messenger for Mac Corporate beta program is a closed beta and offered to selected enterprise organizations.

Microsoft will be migrating users depending on their language, starting with English first and ending with Portuguese no sooner than April 30th.

Contrary to Microsoft's confusing email to some Windows Live Messenger users, and other reports, Windows Live Messenger will not cease functioning on March 15th for everyone.

This leads us to the topic of why it is we have all these dependencies…

One of the most important goals for product development in Mac BU is making sure that the products we deliver work cross platform.

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