Updating imac 3

More on how to clean up old files with Clean My Mac 3 ▸ Macs do too, and Clean My Mac 3 empties all of them with just a click.

It finds all your Trash bins: external drive trashes, Photos trash, Mail trash, and other app-specific trashes — and then empties them all out.

If you drag it to the Trash, it can actually still be recovered.

It alerts you to heavy memory use, low SSD life, high disk temperature, and more.

This online and offline data is collected on your Mac.

It includes your browsing history, Skype conversations, Messages history, downloads history, recently opened files, and more.

Read more about cleaning up i Tunes ▸ Use Clean My Mac 3 to discover all the old files you’ve forgotten about on your hard drive.

It scans folders and disk drives to show you the files that haven’t been opened in a long time. Let Clean My Mac 3 gather it all together, and then you decide what’s worth keeping.

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