Updating guidelines

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This makes it difficult to efficiently identify methodological research, share experiences and identify research gaps.

Methods: A Steering Committee was convened to design and co-ordinate this initiative.

This information is distributed solely for the purpose of pre-dissemination peer review under applicable information quality guidelines.

This already large and growing evidence base for WHO maternal and perinatal health guidelines implies that keeping recommendations up to date in a timely manner based on the current method constitutes a major challenge.

In identifying potential members of the Executive GSG, we have considered individuals with demonstrated knowledge, expertise, and national, regional or global leadership in research; clinical prevention, health promotion, and or therapeutic care; and implementation of evidence-based recommendations in clinical practice, including at clinician-patient, health system, or programme level; in relation to maternal and perinatal health.

In keeping with the requirements of the WHO Guidelines Review Committee and the WHO Compliance, Risk Management and Ethics Office, short biographies of the Executive GSG members, the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group Editorial Office staff, and partner organizations/meeting observers who will participate in the activities of this group are provided.

28 September 2017 – The World Health Organization adopted standard procedures for guideline development based on the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) Working Group approach in 2007.

Since 2009, the Maternal and Perinatal Health team of the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research has released a total of seven clinical guidelines with more than 170 recommendations based on over 200 systematic reviews.

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