Updating garmin 350

She looked up the addresses of the places my 350 could not find at all and told me the map that came with my gps did not have these routes listed when I purchased the unit in Oct 2007 for 0.00!!! If you update the map twice, you would find that the lifetime is cheaper and gives you a new map about every 3 months. There has been may new subdivisions in our area and new highway construction that can result in road map changes.

I have a Stree Pilot C330 from back in 2007 that had maps just as old. In those days, all of North America could fit in the 1GB of memory. I do not use the device anymore as I purchased a C550 and then a 765T but I can understand how those old maps are lacking detail.

I then used Internet Expplorer to log into My Garmin.

However, the program is now so sluggish that it does not recognize my unit when plugged-in and won't let me register it.Using outdated or corrupt Garmin Nüvi 350 drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail.Furthermore, installing the wrong Garmin drivers can make these problems even worse.I like how the maps could fit on a 1GB SD card, but bought a 2GB one when the maps no longer fit.I forget when I bought my unit (c340), the original map is probably just as old.I have attempted to update the maps on my Nuvi with the old installer.I was then forced to install the Garmin Express program to do so.It was first and only time this happened to my 3 yr old unit.I live near in Philadelphia area and travel in south jersey often.I thought my 350 needed a battery, called Garmin and found battery replacement charge for them to install, reasonable pricing due to Garmin clearing out discontinued stock.My unit had gone black, turned out all I needed was to reset unit.

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