Updating drivers for dummies

Also know that we are committed to putting the customer first and are planning to post instructions on our security advisory page on what customers can do to update their products, if and when required.” Cisco has released an advisory that discusses the vulnerability in relation to their product and a list of products that are vulnerable.

Cisco has stated that IOS and driver updates are being developed and will be released.

eero released an advisory that states that they have rolled out eero OS version 3.5, which mitigates the KRACK vulns.

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It will be published on Edimax website as soon as it becomes available.

Extreme Networks released an advisory and stated hotfixes for the KRACK vulns will be released starting on October 20th.

According to a released advisory, F5 Networks products are not affected by KRACK.

Dray Tek has posted an advisory detailing what products are affected by KRACK and stating that updates will be available next week.

Edimax posted an advisory stating: This vulnerability will require collaborative firmware patches from relevant manufacturers.

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