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The Intel Management Interface Engine is an important driver to update and should be got directly from the Intel site.Check all your drivers in Device Manager, when and if you get into Windows.One poster said I may not have enough posts to enable the picture posting, and to contact a Moderator.When I downloaded the driver, it went to the CD-Rom drive!!! I don`t know how to explain any further, but I think this has to do with when I first installed Windows and did the drive set up.I have never updated my drivers, and I want to update them because I am having a few problems, after playing a PC game my computer sometimes flickers static lines and my sound driver FU**ING PISSES ME OFF, the headphones sometimes work and sometimes don't work.And I can't set my headphones to default device (their called communication headphones, they are gamer headphones with a mic).Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping people learn how to do anything.

wiki How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.I cannot find your DIMMs listed on the ASUS QVL list (although it may not be up to date), so they may or may not work well with the CPU IMC. Did you install the driver with Admin privilege as MS security may prevent the installation. Run the Intel Management Engine Verification Utility.Bios Tweaks can rectify this, if you know what you are doing and it can be frustrating to get them to work. This code 10 is in the Device Manager under the general tab of the Intel Management Engine Interface Properties window. (Code 10) STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE PCI bus 0, device 22, function 0 It is not on the Qcodes. Anyway, I uninstalled the Intel MEI driver from the Device Manager and at the Control Panel, then downloaded the new updated MEI driver from Intel. Your DIMMs would default to standard JDEC spd timings and if you have an XMP profile you can manually change the settings in Bios.The PC is running pretty good with the factory BIOS, chipset drivers, and all the drivers that were installed by the manufacturer installation discs.There is only one device that is not working properly, and that is the Intel Management Interface Engine. But, at the moment I have a question about all the drivers and the BIOS version that is currently on my system.. I would like to update all drivers, as the latest drivers will fix some known issues and improve some things. I am worried that something may happen and I`ll get all frustrated and not know how to fix it.I`m going to leave the DIMM modules at default timings until I get all these drivers updated. I told ya I`m not that computer savvy when it comes to tech terms. If you are the Admin and only user on your system, whenever you activate a . BIOS-Flashback Baby steps for best Bios update using the ROG IO rear panel.EXE file, you right click and select to run as Administrator. You will need an empty USB stick, formatted to Fat32.Qcode 10 is "PEI core is started" which means Pre EFI initialization.This phase of post is looking for memory then passes on to the DXE environment. Currently both memory sticks are showing both sticks in the BIOS at factory timings.I`ll be able to explain what happened when I tried to download the the Intel ME driver.I did a post about this in the General topics thread.

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