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django-analytical - Analytics service integration for Django projects django-statsd-mozilla - Django interface with statsd merengue - Django-based CMS on steroids django-data-schema - Schemas over dictionaries and models in Django django-allauth - Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication.

django-blogger - A package to administer a simple blog via Django.

django-admin-sortable - Drag and drop sorting for models and inline models in Django admin.

django-microsip-base - Django Microsip Base django-eggplant - Django base for common use django-lfstheme - The default theme for LFS django-jinja - Jinja2 templating language integrated in Django.

lck.django - Various common Django-related routines. django-oauth-tokens - Application for getting, refreshing and storing OAuth access_tokens for Django standalone applications django-celery - Old django celery integration project.

django-grappelli - A jazzy skin for the Django Admin-Interface.django-payments - Universal payment handling for Django django-fab-deploy - Django deployment tool django-timepiece - django-timepiece is a multi-user application for tracking people's time on projects.django-cumulus - An interface to python-swiftclient and rackspace cloudfiles API from Django.django-sae - for django in sae django-cached-hitcount - Basic app that allows you to track the number of hits/views for a particular object.django-db-log - Exception Logging to a Database in Django django-inlinetrans - Is a django application that allows the translation of django templtes from the rendered html in the browser django-report-builder - Query and Report builder for Django ORM django-oscar-datacash - Datacash payment module for django-oscar django-stdimage - Django Standarized Image Field django-pragmatic - Pragmatic tools and utilities for Django projects django-timedeltafield - Timedelta Field for django models django-audiofield - Django application which allows audio file upload and conversion to mp3, wav and ogg format django-powerdns-manager - django-powerdns-manager is a web based Power DNS administration panel.Enables django applications to register users using facebook. django-libs - A collection of things that we re-use in every Django project, such as custom middlewares, testrunner, templates, templatetags, test mixins, test factories etc...Fixes issues with the official but unsupported Facebook python-sdk. Canvas page authentication for facebook applications. django-autocomplete-light - Fresh autocompletes for Django django-pipeline - Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.django-celex-lexicon - UNKNOWN django-oscar - A domain-driven e-commerce framework for Django django-social-auth - Django social authentication made simple.django-sentry - Exception Logging to a Database in Django django-vkontakte-api - Django implementation for vkontakte API django-bootstrap-toolkit - Bootstrap support for Django projects django-lfs - LFS - Lightning Fast Shop django-fiber - Django Fiber - a simple, user-friendly CMS for all your Django projects django-oppia - Server side component of Oppia Mobile learning platform django-angular-scaffold - Angular JS Scaffolding for Django Fein CMS - Django-based Page CMS and CMS building toolkit.django-bob - A set of helper tags and templates for using bootstrap in django.django-pyodbc-azure - Django backend for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database using pyodbc django-simple-elasticsearch - Simple Elastic Search indexing integration for Django.

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