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For women in a relationship with Japanese men, their biggest complaint has got to be the fact that their boyfriends only call them once per week.Ukrainian people would be really surprised to hear that, since couples who are dating in Ukraine call each other at least three times per day!When couples go out in Ukraine, it’s normal for them to hold hands and kiss in public. They don’t show their feelings for their girlfriends in front of family or friends.When they’re eating at a restaurant, they often cozy up to each other. Ukrainians girls aren’t used to this lack of affection, so they may mistakenly think that the guy doesn’t like them.” Of course, they had mostly good things to say but also came up with a list of five complaints about dating Japanese men.I think you’ll all find their list amusing, so I wanted to share their thoughts with you.

All three of my friends agreed that the concept of “ladies first” doesn’t seem to exist in Japan.

I want to thank Pair Ukraine for giving me the opportunity to meet the one that I would like to build a future with.

Also health is very important that is why I try to lead a healthy life style and I will try to teach my future children to this.

Their husbands/boyfriend don’t act as the perfect gentlemen they’d hope for when exiting taxis or leaving restaurants. Tell her “I love you” often If you want to date a Ukrainian girl and follow these three things, you should be off to a good start!

My friends wish they could change this trait about Japanese guys. She didn’t receive flowers from him on her birthday, or on Valentine’s Day.

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