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Other pediatricians recommended small bells, attached to a child's hands during the night, to warn parents of any untoward hand movements.You can see how the still-nascent disciplines of child psychology and pediatrics pounce on the problem of masturbation.It's a comforting thought, or at least it should be -- a feel-good story about masturbation.Parents today are surrounded by certainties, and to stay sane, we might want to remember the certainties of the past, which turned out to not be so certain.So the next time something goes horribly awry, remember those banisters.Remember that whatever it is that went awry, it might not have mattered much anyway.

Many psychologists, including the infamous behaviorist John Watson, argued that masturbation and thumb-sucking were habits that could be taught, and moreover, that they were so malignant they were worth preventing at all costs -- even if the cost was the child not being able to move.What's surprising is that the experts feared masturbation in infancy no less than masturbation in adolescence. The attitude toward masturbation mirrored the attitude toward thumb-sucking (ruinous, debauched). For parents and experts in mortal fear of masturbation, almost any seemingly innocent activity might be a disguise for self-stimulation. In the 1910s and 20s, as the writer Christina Hardyment has observed, "sliding down banisters, persistent tree-climbing, and dangling astride daddy's legs were discouraged.Back-buttoned pajamas were recommended." If nothing ever touched the pelvic region, the child might simply never notice anything was there.Infants had their nightgowns pinned to their cribs. "It was doubtless an exaggeration to claim that tied hands were commonplace at the beginning of the twentieth century," the authors of a cultural history of masturbation write, "but the recommendations to this effect and the examples that were cited are numerous. Partly this was because the activity had been drained of its deviant content -- it was no longer seen as actually being masturbation.Their elbows were strapped to splints (to prevent wayward arm-bending), or their knees were strapped together (to prevent wayward leg-opening). A Scottish woman recalled that, as a child during this period, her hands had sometimes been so tightly tied that her piano teacher questioned her about her striped wrists." There were scarcely any remedies too severe. The interest of a infant in his genitals was explained away as a sort of meandering, meaningless curiosity.According to the NSSHB, nearly 50 percent of both men and women ages 25 to 29 self-pleasured with their partner by their side.By now, most people know that the myths surrounding masturbation—that it will stunt growth or make hair grow in strange places—aren't true.Prevalence, frequency, and associations of masturbation with partnered sexual behaviors among US adolescents. Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 2011, Aug.;165(12):1538-3628."Prevalence, frequency, and associations of masturbation with partnered sexual behaviors among US adolescents. Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine, 2011, Aug.;165(12):1538-3628.And while we often think of masturbation as some quality time alone, that's not always the case.And then, if you have a child handy, let her clamber up onto your foot.Masturbation may still be a taboo topic—we've even come up with 519 euphemisms for it, from "petting the kitty" to "wiggling your walrus"—but the majority of us have participated in a solo session at least once.

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