Two codependents dating msn dating site

You can’t beat a narcissistic boss if you want to continue working for him.

You can do this by using the narcissist’s own narcissism against them to achieve your own goals.If you can’t ignore the comment, put the focus back on them by labeling what they are doing.For example in that situation you could respond with, “That sounded like a put-down” and then wait for them to respond back.Or the car you want or the shirt and tie you want him to wear.4. Convince him that giving you what you want reflects well on him.Narcissists are infamous for their concern with outward appearances.The key here is they don’t want to” look bad” so this will create an uncomfortable situation they will try to squirm out of.You may have to repeat your response, but they will eventually change their comment to something more socially acceptable.That response just fuels the fire for a narcissist.They have become masters at making others look inferior so that they can feel superior.The promises and even low level delivery will end abruptly as soon as you no longer serve a purpose for them.Keep in mind that anything they DO deliver you will pay dearly for—in some shape or form.

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