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Daniel kept quiet, edging back, but Riley came closer, stalking Daniel. The impact knocked him off his feet and he slipped, landing with a thump in the snow.‘Are you all right?

’ asked his friend Sophie Little, also known as little Sophie because of her frail appearance, freckly face, and button nose, which didn’t help to make her a tough ally.

Distant voices were a constant reminder that he wasn’t alone in this unearthly maze of dungeons. His eyes focused on dust particles floating aimlessly towards him from a doorway at the far end of the room. He gathered his strength and ran frantically from the dungeons.

He pounded forward, eagerly anticipating his escape. A huge figure sprang through the doorway, blocking his only path to freedom.

The ancient castle had stood alone for centuries, then in late Tudor times Middleton Manor had been built next to it, along with an orphanage, stables and servants’ quarters.

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A ball of paper dropped to the floor in front of him.

‘I wish I could send him to the depths of a real grotty, putrid place – then ram a snowball down his throat.

Anyway, if you saw what happened, why didn’t you help me?

He carefully picked up his little dog and cuddled him.

‘It’s okay, Chip, but I wonder if…’ Daniel rushed over to the bedroom window and looked down into the garden.

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