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She'd fantasized about becoming a Hollywood stuntwoman as a teenager in Canada, but even as she was performing stunts for a living with Nitro, she didn't consider herself equal to those women. "You can't just go into your backyard, film yourself doing crazy s--- and call yourself a stuntperson.

I didn't think I'd earned it." The London track is slick from rain as Van Vugt arrives for the audition of her life in May 2011.

That backflip is Nitro Girl's signature move, the trick that started it all.

In July 2005, Van Vugt visited motocross icon Travis Pastrana at his Maryland home, where he told her he'd been looking -- unsuccessfully -- for a female rider to learn the backflip.

Then in September 2015, one day before her 35th birthday, her world came crashing down. In the clip, she's seated in a plastic whiskey barrel, her head and shoulders exposed and a towrope in her hand.

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Nolan's crew also couldn't imagine casting a man to mimic Hathaway's seductive performance.

As Nitro Girl, Van Vugt felt like an adrenalized version of herself, a role she rarely had the luxury to turn off.

But on set, by becoming someone else, she felt free to be Jolene.

*** The opening notes of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" fill a Madrid arena as Van Vugt rips her Suzuki RM-Z250 toward a motocross ramp. " She doesn't know it, but this will be the final backflip of her Nitro career.

As she sticks the landing, pillars of fire erupt from the arena floor.

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