Top dating mistakes women make 10 rules about dating my daughter

So, why would you like to spend your life on something that isn't really worth it? Of course, there can be sweet sensetive men, for whom it is important to find the right words not to hurt, but the main idea is: MEN NEVER HESITATE ONCE THEY DECIDE TO LEAVE U!

If you deceide to quit, do it immediately, don't set any terms, like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc.! It is YOUR life passing by and you can already celebrate the same Christmas with a special person, who knows!

All he said did not seem to be a big secret: just a bit of curtesy, several complements (without dirty hints, of course), first breath-taking dates, after which he doesn't attack your mouth (although, you wouldn't probably mind), showing his respect for you as a personality.

The guy's part seems to be so easy, but what about the girl's lines in this play called "Relationships"? Hitch that would help WOMEN to win men of their dreams and the first worthy thing that I've found is an article written by a man, in which HE defines 10 major mistakes women make that can totally ruin the relationships.

At a certain stage U can even start blaming yourself! U'll think that you are not pretty/clever/sexy/young enough to keep him interested.

While meeting people in the real world might be more romantic and thrilling, writing a great, captivating on-line dating profile can be a great opportunity to attract the kind of male attention that you are after.“I am interested in those guys who pay just as much attention to what I have above my shoulders as they do to the “assets” I carry below.The other day I watched once again the comedy "Hitch" (I think everybody saw the film at least once). All the tips Hitch was giving men sounded like something anyone could tell you when asked for advice!If you are not comfortable with the visual inside (and sometimes outside) transformations of your partner, don't wait and hope for the best, thinking that he just has bad times at work or that its fall depression that effects him... Just like me, U'll probably make yourself fall in love with NEW HIM.But you can't fool yourself, you'll have that feeling that there is something wrong in your relationships, that that's not the PRINCE CHARMING you DREAMT OF!The following is just one example of starting a profile in a unique, attention catching manner: “Did you ever go to a store and wonder why they place the most worthless stuff, such as trashy magazines and junk food, up front, and put all the good stuff at the very end of the store?I wonder if the same applies to people, and whether the best people are not as conspicuous to the unarmed eye and are not as easy to find as the “rest.” It’s great that you have kids and that you are determined to take care of them.Thus, it’s important that you avoid the following, very common dating profile mistakes that so many other women make: A guy who has been around the block of internet dating will be very skeptical of yet another profile that starts with: “I am intelligent, independent, compassionate, and honest woman.” “I am successful, professional, and looking for a long term relatioship.” All these statements are great, but they do not achieve the main purpose the dating profile – they don’t make you stand out from the rest. In fact, don’t ever start your profile with “I am.” Who said that you have to describe yourself in your dating profile.Instead, say something interesting, express an opinion about the world or some issue in a funny, and witty manner.Instead of saying what you are not looking for, tell the guys what you are looking for.And remember – there is no better way to end your profile than a witty/thought provoking punch line.

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