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So what percentage of the population should avoid wheat?

About 1 in a thousand may have a wheat allergy, nearly 1 in a 100 have celiac disease, and it appears to be on the rise, though there’s still less than a 1 in 10,000 chance Americans will get diagnosed with celiac in a given year. Our best estimate at this point is in that same general range, slightly higher than 1%, but still that’s potentially millions of people who may have been suffering for years who could have been cured by simple dietary means, yet were unrecognized and unhelped by the medical profession.

Until only a few years ago, almost the whole of the scientific world maintained that the wheat protein gluten would provoke negative effects only in people with rare conditions such as celiac disease or wheat allergies, but by the early part of 2013, it was largely becoming accepted that some nonceliac patients could suffer from gluten or wheat sensitivity And indeed a consensus panel of experts now officially recognizes three gluten-related conditions: wheat allergy, celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity.

Why does the medical profession explicitly advise against people who suspect they might be gluten intolerant from just going on a gluten-free diet?

You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that restrict others from doing anything permitted here.

A short but interesting little clip of Tradconnect member Tola Custy talking about music.

Tola will be appearing at the Hunters Moon Festival in Carrick On Shannon this weekend 26th - 28th October.

Less than a week of added gluten protein significantly increased natural killer cell activity, which could be expected to improve our body’s ability to fight cancer and viral infections.

You can also see what the Ajnabee draws and puts on the web.

Just a word of caution, share your personal details only in case you are sure of the other person.

High gluten bread improves triglyceride levels better than regular gluten bread, as another example.

Ironically, one of the greatest threats gluten-free diets pose, may be the gluten itself.

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