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Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. These are the five different types of lovemaking before achieving the Tantric soulful energetic oneness.Maybe you have already practiced some, but are too much into a boring routine and might need a refresher on what is happening in your partnership, or you have no clue what it’s all about and want to learn.If we are lucky and blessed to experience this union outside of the normal day-to-day togetherness activity within a partnership, then it is worth holding out for. It is common to fall into the everyday sexual and egotistical activity that satisfies us humans on a daily basis.The dance and romance and lust goes along nicely and routinely, until one partner expresses a need to explore further the meaning behind the union and love and, “why are we in this thing right now? Tantra is the answer to many a prayer, if only we knew enough about it, without the fear and judgment.Spicy – Think about the famous book/movie that recently took the world by storm.It begins with the number “50.” Ambrosia – Here is the epitome of Tantra and its meaning.Quickies – We all fall into this description from time to time, yet most kundalini practitioners have mastered the art of getting past this point to the more heat and rising of the soul.Gourmet Dining – Just as the name implies, there is some lust and foreplay and relative treats for the entire “meal.” Consciousness remains prevalent and life flows in a higher realm than simply 10 minutes, and a treat is always added as bonus.In today’s age, we can leave out gender labeling and merely define it as, “two people whose sole purpose is to become one with God.” Tantra is the essential and deepest of lovemaking where all the senses of the root chakra are embraced to enlightenment.This beautiful and whole practice is looking for transcendence through spiritual consciousness.

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