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She’s a legend and has helped countless trans women of color over the last 40 years.

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[ Lights came on and you had to let go of Miss Thang and then parade out of the bar.They can read the history, they know that this is not the way it happened. Not like it’s going to work, but damn if they don’t stop trying. So of course my memory is full of whatever is going on in my head, but the thing that’s important is that this was a club the girls went to when we would do prostituting in the street uptown or over in the East Village.It’s bad enough that across the street from Stonewall, they have statues up to commemorate that night. The statues look like they’re made from flour and sugar! Why can’t one of the girls go up and throw up a little makeup on one of these bitches? And now they’re acting like, “we’re so grateful that you did this and we’re going to take it from here because you stupid bitches don’t know how to do this.” Yeah, okay. It was somewhere where we could sit with friends, talk about what had happened, celebrate the good things, work on the bad shit until we went home. It’s amazing that they wanted to take that away from us.No one is saying: “look at that woman over there.” [ So that was out of the question for most of us.We’re not exactly the most passable bunch of people, but we’ve got good hearts and we’re strong characters and we’re courageous people and we have a right to live and be here like everybody else does.The best thing I can remember about that night is that when the girls decided, “no, we ain’t doing this,” some of the girls got out of the paddy wagon and came back, the police got so scared they backed into the club and locked the doors!I mean, if nothing else,that was the funniest thing to have in your mind watching it happen. I learned years ago from being raised in Chicago that when you get in those kind of situations, the first thing you want to do is piss off whatever guard you’re fighting so much that they knock you completely out, then you’ll live another day.Then, last week, we finally saw a preview for it and all of our worst fears were realized.Here was our history, a history made real by Black and Brown trans women and lesbians, but it was a false, whitewashed and ciswashed version, a version that the establishment could find respectable enough to be a mainstream story. It’s an especially deep cut because there are still people alive today who were there, and people alive who were close with people who were there.A few years ago they did another Stonewall movie, and I swear if I saw a black person, it had to be a shadow running against the face of somebody who was white!It’s absolutely absurd — you know, young people today aren’t stupid. This is a country of different colors and people and thoughts and attitudes and feelings, and they try to make all of those the same for some reason.

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