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The two actors were both part of Group 44 at Juilliard.The pair graduated two years ago after appearing in productions where they portrayed sisters and mother and daughter.In the same way, with Juilliard, I felt like I couldn't look at the statistics of getting in fully, or fully think about all of that until after the fact." universe for granted."There's just a massive amount of material to sift through.It would just take days and days and days to get through it all. My approach was just to do my best and watch the shows that are recommended and points of interest for me and try to be acclimated that way," Wiseman said. It means so much to people, so you really want to feel like you've done your due diligence to understand and honor the material." like other people did, but I have things that I don't want people to mess with.So, I had this sense…It wasn't until we did the Las Vegas convention this summer that I really started to realize how global it is.And then as the show has aired—you can't quite comprehend it," Chieffo said with a laugh.And then because it's such a specific experience with this, with the fandom, with the franchise, and being able to—it's great to be able to text someone and be like, ‘My outfit [for an event] looks terrible! "I think we're able to take care of each other at the right time, like when the other person needs it.All of that, which had kind of happened in small moments at school, has just happened more and more here.""To get to do something so big and so new with someone who was a friend and someone who I feel like I knew so well, it was just a gift," Wiseman said.

If I had fully understood, I probably would've been a lot more nervous with the whole process.We get plenty of Evil Showboating aboard Emperor Georgiou’s ship (the Charon, a.k.a.Hell’s Ferryman, because no one in the Mirrorverse has seen ] in the last five minutes Burnham realizes that Captain Lorca — the Captain Lorca we’ve known all season — was from the Mirrorverse the whole time!Chieffo, whose parents are actors Beth Grant and Michael Chieffo, said in addition to her costars, she picked the brains of her family friends."I felt like everyone who had experience with it was very open and willing to talk."How often do you get to go through big, scary, exciting experiences in your life with someone who you love and trust like that?It was just incredibly helpful and incredibly grounding.Wiseman grew up with the show on her periphery.] growing up.I have an uncle who is very devoted, he reads all the softcover novels and all of that.We were able to process our big overwhelming feelings with each other.We haven't had a scene together, but I feel like we were hand-in-hand through this the whole time, which was so cool.

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