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There may be some overlap and change as more examples and data is collected., small 5/32 inch (4 mm.) mark and single pane lower face frame, c.1954/55; 7/32 inch (5.5 mm.) mark and two lower face frames, c.1955/57 and Foundry mark "Q" in upper left hand face frame and right hand frog orifice lower than the left, c.1957/61.

Early and mid dated planes were packed in L1 boxes and later planes in L2 boxes (see packaging below).

Maybe we could generate a list of other non-plane Handyman products, too? I use it just as often as my better planes which is not often LOL.; -- Ken from Ontario, Canada Don’t go hating on Stanley now just because they learned how to market to a broader audience in the 50’s.

Yes, a lot of the line was cheaper, but some pieces were just rebranded from their regular line.

The first planes fitted with the type 3 new improved cutter (NIC) had a small black & white label affixed to the box.

These labels have been found on both L1 and L2 boxes.

We’re all aware of the decline of quality in Stanley tools over the last few decades.

In type studies of Stanley planes, they all come to a screeching halt after type 20’s, approximately 1967 or so. -- Einstein: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

I suspect that these planes, based on the ones I own or have seen offered for sale, they were originally purchased in department stores for Father’s Day gifts by well-meaning family…and put away and forgotten. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." I'm Poopiekat!! but just for fun and even though they may not easily make silky smooth shavings, they are part of the tool history. -- Collecting is an investment in the past, and the future. My very first hand plane was a Handyman,bought it from ebay but while I was waiting for it to to be shipped I did a google search on it and boy ,everyone gave it a thumbs down,it felt like I couldn’t have bought a worse plane so when I received it I just put it away ,later on I bought a couple of decent Canadian /US made planes and compared them to the old HANDYMAN,then I realised why it was inferior ,it weighed less ,looked rough and crude .

L2 boxed planes may also be found with NIC but no sticker.

This could be because NIC was then standard production and therefore these planes will be later production.

Later RW planes have been found to be rarer in the United Kingdom (see history) and fully RW specified planes will date from late1962 to the end of production, around mid 1965.

These periods are based on there being at least two common factors in the main parts of the planes in each period, including cutters.

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