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“I compression-thrashed two vertebrae in my back, and then I tore a ligament in my hand,” says Alex Honnold, the world-renowned big wall free-soloist and El Capitan speed-record holder.

“I guess in 20 years it’s not too shocking to have a little bit of stuff happen.” Alex Honnold: “I think open-water swimming sounds fucking heinous!

“It’s pretty accessible because climbing gyms have become such a big thing,” says Steph Davis, the first woman to summit all seven peaks in the Fitz Roy Range in Patagonia and the second woman to free-climb El Capitan in one day.Nordic skiers force their bodies deep into oxygen debt, and ultrarunners—well, you get the idea. Here’s how: we chose five competitive sports that we feel are tough to learn, can be dangerous to perform, and require a high degree of skill and fitness.* We then looked at peer-reviewed research and compared calories burned per hour, the average number of injuries per 1,000 hours of an athlete’s activity, and fatality rates.Finally, we asked a panel of world-class athletes to weigh in on what makes their vocations so tough and to vote for the sport, besides their own, that they think is the hardest.The mental endurance and the concentration would have to be the highest there.” Sophie Caldwell: “Objectively, I think ultrarunning would be the most difficult, because it requires so many hours of training and competing.” Kikkan Randall: “I would have to think that open-water swimming is pretty challenging, because you are so vulnerable, and regulating your body temperature in the water can be really challenging.” 1.Nordic Skiing: For our money, this is the toughest sport.I did the compiling and most of the writing, with the help of Alpha senior writer Anthony Sharwood. Another game is to accept that, yes, it was compiled with an Australian bias, but see how many Aussies you can honestly take out: surprisingly few.One more thing: this was done in 2009, so things in sport have moved on fast.I can’t begin to imagine running for 50 miles—or 100!” Elizabeth Fry: “I would probably say rock climbing, because there’s so much less room for error.Running is hard, no doubt, but not as technical or energy-intensive (as measured by calories burned) as the rest of the panel.A deliberately insane undertaking, conceived to generate opinion, sales, web traffic and whatnot.

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