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If you want to find out more about the services offered in Kentish Town check out the Cityvisitor database which offers a variety of businesses with a range of services including Dating Personals, Love Match, Online Personals.Use this guide to Online Dating in Kentish Town to find the information you need about Online Dating.Our Friday night Speed Dating events at Gilgamesh are the biggest anywhere in London! ) at this event you can expect to go on anywhere between 20-25 dates with an equal number of male/female attendees.Our event starts at 8pm prompt but we ask that guests arrive at pm for registration.Never will you learn more about somebody than when playing Cards Against Humanity.Not for the easily-offended we'll be rotating all of you to make sure you all get to know each other (and your twisted minds).For many fun single people online dating seems to be what the internet was designed for.It´s a fast, simple and safe way to meet new friends, widen your social circle and perhaps even meet someone with whom you really identify.

Share an experience that’s a little bit different making it so much easier to break the ice with somebody.

This is a private room hired especially for this event with our own bar.

When you arrive you will be greeted by our friendly and experienced host who will explain how the evening will unfold.

The Cityvisitor directory for Kentish Town is here to help you find every essential.

Original Dating run speed dating events at areas across London.

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