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“The A146 is the main route between Norwich and Lowestoft and we’ve seen it getting busier over the years.“This has contributed to a relatively high number of accidents at or near the junction, with 50 people injured over the last 10 years and one person losing their life.” The improvements have been welcomed by members of the public, who were pleased to hear it was being made a priority.The junction was identified as one in urgent need of improvement, with Norfolk County Council assessing its accident record and finding it to be the most dangerous in the county.Martin Wilby, chairman of the council’s environment, development and transport committee, said: “The accident statistics spoke for themselves so it was clear this junction was a priority.There is also a local train station in the town with trains to Sheringham on the coast and Norwich, with regular connecting trains to London Liverpool Street with an approximate journey time of 1 hour 50 minutes.Norwich also has an expanding airport with regular connections to most international destinations via Schiphol.“I just hope she’s better in time for Christmas.” First Bus praise hero driver First Bus has also praised the way their driver Robert Miller handled the situation.

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“The ambulance operator was really helpful and counted the breaths with me, and speaking to me as I was asking them questions because the lady’s lips turned blue.The North Norfolk coast with its renowned sandy beaches, bird reserves and excellent sailing facilities is close by, much of it classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.The Norfolk Broads are also within easy reach and there is a staithe in nearby Stalham (7 miles) on the River Ant which leads into Barton Broad and provides access to the Broads Network.He showed great awareness and professionalism in managing to keep the lady alive with the help from one of our passenger, between them administering CPR.“Although our drivers are trained to a very high standard, nothing can prepare you for a situation such as this and it is great credit to Rob for his quick thinking that turned the event into a positive outcome.I had a little cry afterwards and people were being so kind and saying I’d saved the lady’s life, but I just did what I hope anyone would do.” The mother of one added: “I just hope she’s okay.All I could think at the time was that she might be someone’s mum or grandma.Sophie Tweedy was on a bus to Norwich on December 1 when she noticed an elderly woman passed out in her seat, and moments later was administering CPR she had learned just weeks before.“I first noticed the lady because she was making little snoring noises, and me and a lady called Janet who was sat in front of her caught each other’s eye,” Miss Tweedy said.If we hadn’t gone over and checked it may have been different because people probably thought she was asleep.” Neither Miss Tweedy nor driver Robert Miller have been updated on the woman’s condition after she was taken to the N & N.“They found a pulse after about half an hour,” the 29-year-old continued.

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