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(3) Late-Early Cretaceous development of a rimmed carbonate shelf.

(4) Late Cretaceous mixed clastic and carbonate aggradation of the continental margins.

The resultant basin contains a succession of Late Jurassic through Holocene strata that is as much as 20 km thick.

Sediment supply from the North American continent has filled nearly one-half of the basin since its inception, primarily by offlap of the northern and northwestern margins.

The drawbacks become less important if the method is applied to nanometer-sized clay minerals in diagenetic to low-grade metamorphic environments.Before that happens, I wanted to open my own notebook and share what connections I've heard from area scouts, coaches, directors, general managers and agents as the scouting process moves to Step 2.Which teams are already connected to which players? Going top to bottom on the projected draft board, here is one player with first-round talent I've heard each team linked to.In this instance, the extracted size fractions are generally homogeneous and the relative uncertainty given by the age calculations, if mathematically justified, can be reduced by duplicate analyses.Weakness of the Ar “reservoirs” created among the clay particles by irradiation than of meaningful geologic ages.Depositional history can be generalized in seven phases: (1) Middle-Late Jurassic evaporite and carbonate deposition in a broad, shallow, restricted to open marine basin.(2) Latest Jurassic-Early Cretaceous sand-rich clastic progradation from the northern margins.Whenever possible, the advantages and weaknesses of each method were compared on coeval results obtained by both methods on the same mineral separates.The comparative review examines stratigraphic dating of glauconites, indirect dating of low-temperature ore deposits, dating of burial-related illitization, and dating of polyphased tectono-thermal activity, more specifically of fault gouges.Ar) were evaluated on the basis of respective recent applications mainly on low-temperature K-bearing illite-type clay minerals.This review includes a presentation of basic, analytical and technical aspects for both methods, as well as a discussion of varied claims on the two methods and of requests about sample preparation and characterization.

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